Catalogue FAQ's


How to use our catalogue

1. How can I find new eBooks, music CDs or DVDs?
At the bottom of your search page, under “Featured Items” select “New Items”. Select a date range from “Find New Items”, and click the grey “find” button located under the date range options. Now refine your results by selecting your preferred format from the right hand column.

2. My search is complicated. How can I search using more than one criteria?
An “Advanced Search” will allow you to search using your choice of fields and formats. Look for “Advanced Search” under the heading "Search Options" at the bottom of the "Search Our Catalogue" screen.

3. How can I renew my items?
Go to Renew Library Items. Enter your Library Card number and PIN in the appropriate fields and a list of your checked out items will show. Click “Renew Item” and wait for the message prompt with the renewed date. You may not be permitted to renew an item if there are reservations waiting or the item is overdue. Please contact your library for more information.

4. How can I check my details? eg. my reservations, my history, my charges and when my items are due back.
Log in via My Account and under “Your Account” you will find a range of options to check your details.

5. How do I reserve an item?

Search our catalogue to find the title you want.  Scroll through the results to find the format you require i.e. Book or DVD etc. You may need to further open or click into the item to find a copy to reserve. Click on the word Reserve next to the item. Our Library may hold more than one copy, but you only need to reserve one copy. You will then be prompted to fill in your Library Membership number, your PIN, and the branch you would like to collect the item from. The first available copy will be held for you and you will be notified once this has occurred.

6. Why do I have to log in multiple times?
I’ve logged into the library catalogue and selected my details – why do I have to log in again? This is a security feature that ensures that only you can reserve an item on your membership card.

7. Why can’t I search a title and a format?
Like most online queries, Our Library is using the latest Google inspired searching techniques. Have you noticed that even before you have finished entering your search query a predictive list of responses start to show? This quick search function leads you to refine your search by selecting a format next. Or, start your search using an “Advanced Search” and select the format of your choice.

8. How can I find my next good read?
Our catalogue will often provide prompts, suggestions or similar titles directing you to another great read. Look for the links within each search result. You may also find inspiration using “Browse the Catalogue” found under Search Options. Select an option, and follow the option choices to find another great read.

9. I don’t know my PIN.
No problem, just get in touch and we will provide you with a new PIN

10. Why don’t I see the same screens on my smart phone or device?
Our catalogue is designed to adapt the display content to best fit your device. However with many variations in operating systems and screen sizes, each device may handle this differently. Hint - to find hidden options, look for menus with arrows ↓ that open further options. Smart phone users could find their device MAY switch our search page for a simplified generic form which will not provide accurate search results. Scroll down and touch or select “Go to Standard View”.