Our Autumn Holiday Program


Do a Craft

Our online craft courses and workshops videos creativebug has lots of tutorials for kids crafts here are some specially selected by our library staff. Keep your hands active and your mind engaged with Creativebug.  Use your library barcode number to sign in.  If you are not a member join today.

Hand sew farm animal finger puppets


All you need is some felt and thread and you can create some cute farm animal  puppets.

Materials required :

Felt – for smaller puppets two 2 ½ inch x 3 ½ inch pieces per animal. For larger puppets you will need two 4 inch x 6 inch pieces per animal
Tracing paper, Pen, Ruler, Hand sewing needle, Scissors

Magic wands 

Make your own magic  wand  and cast some special spells


Materials required : Newspaper, Masking tape, Flour, Salt, Elmer’s glue, Container for glue, Paper towels, Acrylic or watercolour paints
Paint brush, Container to use as a paint palette, Mod Podge – glossy or matte, Ribbons or other trims, Stickers for decoration,
Egg carton and plastic bags for drying rack, Paper and pen, Natural elements for decoration  (leaves, flowers, etc.)
(You could skip the sealing step using  Mod Podge  if you do not have any handy)

Finger knitting

You can make your own scarf with just your fingers and a ball of wool .


Materials required : Wool

Intuitive mark making
Use flowers and vegetables to create some fantastic paintings.  It’s time to explore your backyard for different shapes and patterns that you can paint with.


Materials required : Paper or cardstock, Acrylic paints, Container or tray to use as a paint palette
Water container, Rags
Natural materials to paint with eg: celery, corn cobs, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, pine needles, and flowers.

Read an eBook 

The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone Author Jaclyn Moriarty Author Kelly Canby

Unlimited loans from April 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020

I was ten years old when my parents were killed by pirates. This did not bother me as much as you might think - I hardly knew my parents. Bronte Mettlestone's parents ran away to have adventures when she was a baby, leaving her to be raised by her Aunt Isabelle and the Butler. She's had a perfectly pleasant childhood of afternoon teas and riding lessons - and no adventures, thank you very much. But Bronte's parents have left extremely detailed (and bossy) instructions for Bronte in their will. The instructions must be followed to the letter, or disaster will befall Bronte's home. She is to travel the kingdoms and empires, perfectly alone, delivering special gifts to her ten other aunts. There is a farmer aunt who owns an orange orchard and a veterinarian aunt who specialises in dragon care, a pair of aunts who captain a cruise ship together and a former rockstar aunt who is now the reigning monarch of a small kingdom.