Draft Our Library Strategy 2024 - 2029

Library Strategy

Do you currently use our libraries? Perhaps you’re a lapsed library patron? Or maybe you’ve never been to any of our Mornington Peninsula libraries?

Whichever category you identify with, most of us have visited a library at some point in our life and can recognise them as places of learning and inspiration, where people can connect with information, ideas and one another. For others, our libraries at Hastings, Mornington, Rosebud and Somerville offer much-needed spaces in which to work, create or just be.

Given the important role libraries play in our community, we want to future proof them by making sure they meet the changing needs of our diverse townships. To ensure we’re on the ‘right page’, we’ve put together a draft Our Library Strategy 2024 – 2029.

This Strategy was developed using insights from last year’s customer satisfaction survey. But we’re seeking your feedback and input to help refine our Strategy.

Whether you’re a regular library patron or you’ve never stepped foot inside one of our libraries, we want to know if our draft Our Library Strategy meets your needs, where you see our libraries heading into the future, what innovative things we could do to attract non-users to our libraries, and more.

View our 2024-2029 Draft Strategic Plan(PDF, 890KB)

Share your thoughts

We want to make sure that our libraries on the Peninsula meet both the current and future needs of our community. We’ve developed a draft Our Library Strategy to help guide our activities, services and programs over the coming years, but we also want to hear from you, our community, to see whether we’re on the ‘right page’. 

We are seeking feedback from wider Peninsula community who visit, used to visit but have now stopped or have never used our local libraries listed below. Your responses will help us to make improvements to our services and programs and to consider new ideas/suggestions you would like to see that align to community needs. 

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Alternatively, call our Team Leader, Steven Haby on (03) 5950 1881, send us an email: askalib@mornpen.vic.gov.au or pick up a paper survey form from any of our branches. 

Feedback closes 10 November, 2023.