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CreativeBug has thousands of classes, with new courses being updated every day. Whether you are an artistic novice wanting a meditative outlet or creative genius hungry for inspiration and challenge, CreativeBug can help. You can use CreativeBug to upskill or create an artistic side hustle. Whatever you want to do, CreativeBug can help develop your knowledge and nurture your creativity. Let us know what you’ve made with CreativeBug on Instagram by using the #morningtonpeninsulalibraries.  

Login to Creativebug with your library barcode number and start creating today.  We recommend the following courses once you have logged in.

Make a Classic Macramé Plant Hanger 

Learn how to create the most iconic of all macramé projects: the Plant Hanger. Emily Katz shows you how to create a hanger out of cotton rope tied into simple square knots and half square knots. This project is totally customizable and can work with planters of any size. Emily will show you how to calculate the proportions of your planter and construct a hanger that will hold the pot perfectly. 

Creating Colour Palettes with Anna Maria Horner 

Anna Maria Horner is a master with colour. In this class, she shows you how to switch up traditional colour conventions in order to develop your own stunning palettes. Beginning with a traditional colour wheel, Anna demonstrates how each colour interacts with one another depending on its position in the wheel. Then, using paint chips, she walks you through a colour swap exercise where you will learn how to mix and match hues. Anna explains how to apply this information to printed fabrics, demonstrating how scale and proportion can be used to create new and interesting patchwork combinations. This class is ideal for anyone who wants to understand how to work intuitively with colour and print. 



Lynda is a premium online learning platform with thousands of hours of video training courses covering a huge range of business, computing/IT, and creative subjects. Log in using your library barcode number and PIN to unlock your learning potential.

When you apply for technology jobs, your resume is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Emma Bostian shows you how to showcase your technology skills, framing them to impress recruiters and potential employers. Discover how to tailor the content and length to catch a hiring manager’s eye. Learn how to leverage minor design details like spacing, font choice, and color palette to differentiate your resume from the rest, without stepping too far out. Plus, learn how to create a professional online presence on the platforms tech recruiters use most: LinkedIn and GitHub. 

Introduction to Photography 

It takes more than a camera to be a good photographer. But with today's smart technology and training from, it's easier than ever to learn how to take great pictures. This course, designed strictly for beginners, provides for a solid grounding in the skills and tools you'll need to explore the world of digital photography. Ben Long starts with a look at the different types of cameras on the market and guidelines for setting your camera up for success. He also introduces the theory behind exposure: controlling the amount of light that reaches the camera's sensor. 











Check out the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery LEARN webpage for a range of creative activities, videos, podcasts, MPRG TV and more: 




Book Buzz

Looking for a great eBook or eTalking book to read or listen to?  Our Book Buzz titles are available for unlimited simultaneous download. Why not get a group of friends together to start your own bookclub while in lockdown?   


American Blood 

Ben Sanders  

A former undercover cop now in witness protection finds himself pulled into the search for a missing woman. An explosive, unputdownable work of suspense from a fresh voice in crime fiction. 

After a botched undercover operation, ex-NYPD officer Marshall Grade is living in witness protection in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Marshall's instructions are to keep a low profile: the mob wants him dead, and a contract killer known as the Dallas Man has been hired to track him down. Racked with guilt over wrongs committed during his undercover work, and seeking atonement, Marshall investigates the disappearance of a local woman named Alyce Ray. 
Members of a drug ring seem to hold clues to Ray's whereabouts, but hunting traffickers is no quiet task. Word of Marshall's efforts spreads, and soon the worst elements of his former life, including the Dallas Man, are coming for him. 
Written by a rising New Zealand star who has been described as 'first rate', this American debut drops a Jack Reacher-like hero into the landscape of No Country for Old Men. With film rights sold to Warner Bros, and Bradley Cooper attached to play tortured hero Marshall Grade, American Blood is sure to follow in their award-winning, blockbuster success. 

The Lincoln Lawyer 

Michael Connelly 

Introducing Mickey Haller, 'The Lincoln Lawyer': a blistering tale about a cynical defence attorney whose one remaining spark of integrity may cost him his life. 

Mickey Haller has spent all his professional life afraid that he wouldn't recognize innocence if it stood right in front of him. But what he should have been on the watch for was evil. 
Haller is a Lincoln Lawyer, a criminal defense attorney who operates out of the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car, traveling between the far-flung courthouses of Los Angeles to defend clients of every kind. Bikers, con artists, drunk drivers, drug dealers - they're all on Mickey Haller's client list. For him, the law is rarely about guilt or innocence - it's about negotiation and manipulation. 
Sometimes it's even about justice. A Beverly Hills playboy arrested for attacking a woman he picked up in a bar chooses Haller to defend him, and Mickey has his first high-paying client in years. It is a defense attorney's dream, what they call a franchise case. And as the evidence stacks up, Haller comes to believe this may be the easiest case of his career. 
Then someone close to him is murdered and Haller discovers that his search for innocence has brought him face-to-face with evil as pure as a flame. To escape without being burned, he must deploy every tactic, feint, and instinct in his arsenal - this time to save his own life. 

eAudio Books

The Great Alone 

Kristin Hannah 

Read by Julia Whelan 

Now a New York Times number one bestseller, The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah is a daring, beautiful, stay-up-all-night story about love and loss, the fight for survival, and the wildness that lives in both man and nature. 
Thirteen-year-old Leni, a girl coming of age in a tumultuous time, is caught in the riptide of her parents’ passionate, stormy relationship, dares to hope that Alaska will lead to a better future for her family. She is desperate for a place to belong. Her mother, Cora, will do anything and go anywhere for the man she loves, even if means following him into the unknown. 
At once an epic story of human survival and love, and an intimate portrait of a family tested beyond endurance, The Great Alone offers a glimpse into a vanishing way of life in America. With her trademark combination of elegant prose and deeply drawn characters, Kristin Hannah has delivered an enormously powerful story that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the remarkable and enduring strength of women. 
The Great Alone is perfect for all those who loved The Light Between Oceans, and fans of Jodi Picoult, Victoria Hislop and Diane Chamberlain.

Missing You 

Kylie Kaden  

Read by Casey Withoos 

Our lives were built around the strength of a kiss between strangers. Yet seven years on, look where it led us … 
When Aisha met Ryan she fell hard for his good looks and easy charm. Why worry that he didn’t want children or a nine to five job? Nothing and no one would come between them. 
But with the birth of their high-needs son, Eli, their extraordinary love is shackled into an ordinary life, their passion blunted by responsibility. 
Until Ryan can’t take it anymore. 
Then, following a mysterious phone call late one night, Aisha leaves four-year-old Eli in the care of her elderly father Patrick – and doesn’t come back. 
As Patrick struggles with the grandson he barely knows or understands, his frustration with his missing daughter and absent son-in-law quickly turns to fear. 
Particularly when blood is found in Aisha’s abandoned car …


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Educational game for kids aged 3-11

Busythings breaks games up for each age group it's fun and colourful and easy for the kids to navigate and get learning while having fun. Logon with their library barcode number.

  • Practice computer skills with the online colouring worksheets (art and music/art)
  • Learn handwriting using the alphabet tracing, messy letter and write now (English handwriting)
  • Get older kids involved with Fashion designing (Design and technology)
  • Turn learning to cook into a fun game of identifying vegetables
  •  and many more activities

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With distance learning are you being asked to help your teenagers for help with difficult maths, science, economics questions? Sunday to Friday between 3pm and 10pm your teenagers can access to live tutors online.  This service is safe, interactive and free with your library membership

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Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery - Online Workshop for Adults 

David Frazer: Mastering Linocut Printmaking 

Saturday 16 January, 11am-11.40am

Hubert Pareroultja: Mastering Watercolour Workshop 'A Tree Study' 

Saturday 30 January, 11am-11.40am

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