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Welcome to MyCareerMatch

We are an online career and resume service free to members of public libraries so you'll need your membership number to access this service.

To help, we need to know about you so we have a questionnaire which takes about 15 minutes. Once started you must complete. We use your answers to work out what your personality type is.

At the end of the questionnaire choose either a MyCareerMatch or MyResume report.

Choose MyCareerMatch if you’re looking for a new direction or a student starting out or just not sure what you want to do. MyCareerMatch explains what you’re good at and the careers that match your personality type including our Top 5 career recommendations for you to consider.

Select MyResume if you are applying for a job. MyResume helps you write a better resume and provides you with content about yourself to add to your resume. It has advice on how to write a resume and cover letter, how to read a job advert and how to apply. Included is a 53 page eBook covering all aspects of resume writing and an Online Resume Builder to design, write and save your resumes.

Once you make your choice your report is immediately emailed to you. All the best with your career.

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