What to Read Next?


Who Else Writes Like…?

The aim of Who Else Writes Like...? is to encourage readers to try the works of new authors and to open up to them the wealth of good reading that is available in their local public library. Search for your favourite author and be given a list of other writers you may enjoy.

Fantastic Fiction

Fantastic Fiction has information on over 500,000 books. Throughout the site, just click on a book to see its cover picture, description and publication details.


Use Goodreads to  find and rate books and network with other readers too.  Read members reviews for popular books.


Check out Our Library Catalogue

Our catalogue now has features like: reading suggestions; reviews; links to author details; ability to bookmark books and come back to them later; and yes, we now display books covers.

We recommend

Our Library staff can keep you up-to-date with what they are reading, go to We recommend and see what we like this month.