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We have a great range of eBooks and eComics you can read on your PC, MAC, Tablet or smart phone anytime, anywhere.

  • Our eBooks and eComics loan period are 3 weeks. You can then renew the eBook or eComic, or they are automatically returned.
  • If an eBook or eComic is on loan, you can reserve a place in line. You will receive an email when it is ready for you to download and read.

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How-to Video Guides

How to read ebooks on your iPad


How to read ebooks on your computer or Kobo ereader


How to borrow an eBook using an mobile phone or tablet


1. Download the Borrow Box app on your mobile phone or tablet.
2. Open the app and search for "Mornington Peninsula Library Service".
3. Enter your library card number and PIN - if you're unsure of your PIN, contact your nearest library Branch.
4. Browse or search for eBooks. To download an eBook, press on the cover image and select borrow.

How to borrow an eBook using an eReader

1. Check the list of eReaders that you can use with Borrow box on Adobe's Blog 
2. Make sure that you have installed Adobe Digital Editions. If you haven't installed this software yet, please visit the Adobe Digital Editions download page and follow the installation instructions provided.
3. On first launch of Adobe Digital Editions click on Help > Authorize Computer. In the following screen choose Adobe ID from the dropdown menu and enter your Adobe ID and password. If you don't have an Adobe ID yet please click on the Create an Adobe ID link on the right hand side or visit the Adobe login website and click on Get an Adobe ID.
4. On the download page press the Download eBook button. When you get a pop-up dialogue box asking you whether you would like to Open, Run or Save, make sure that you select Open With and choose Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions will then import the eBook file and you can find it in the Borrowed section on the left side.
5. To transfer an eBook to an eReader device... Attach your eReader device to your computer. It should appear in Adobe Digital Editions in the list on the left side. Now just drag the eBook onto the device.

Please note:  Amazon Kindle fire please follow these installation instructions.  Other Kindle devices from Amazon.com are not compatible with the Borrowbox eBook platform. 

What stories do you have for children?

Engaging online storytelling for kids - a little bit cheeky, a little bit charming and a whole lot of fun!

 Visit the Storybox website to learn more.

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Watch a video tutorial to install the app on a device

 Watch a short video showing you how to install borrow box on your device. 

Install and use Borrowbox Library on your smart device 

Watch a video tutorial on how to use Borrowbox


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