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Short of something to do on a rainy day? Or simply looking for inspiration?

Use your library membership to access Busy Things, an online resource which will help you find one of more than 700 educations game to play with children aged between 3 and 7 years.

You can also download free individual games from both the Apple and Google stores.

Getting Started

  1. When prompted, enter your number (barcode) as printed on your library card
  2. Select the age
  3. Select the topic area
  4. Select the activity and play
  5. Use the arrows and exit to try out other activities

Start Playing Now!


Busy Code by Busy Things is perfect for introducing programming concepts to young children step by step.

Children can quickly create, run and debug simple programs. Busy Code programs are built by linking simple blocks together – drag and drop the blocks to assemble a program, they will snap together like jigsaw pieces!

Busy Code is suitable for ages 5-13. 

Start coding now!