Computers, WiFi & Printing

Free WiFi

Our Library offers free WiFi for all library members. Bring in your laptop, your smart phone or your portable device and logon to our network. All you need is your library membership number and PIN. Our Library's WiFi is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

Free Use of Computers and Internet Access

Our Library offers free use of computers and internet access to all members. Search the internet, access an online database to research a subject, create a resume, apply for a job online or connect with friends.

Our Library also has a number of computers reserved for junior use at each library. These computers have cyber-safe filtering software for extra protection.

Contact your nearest library to book a computer today. 

Free Help and Support

Our Library offers:

  1. Free online tutorials – With more than thousands of hours of video training courses covering a huge range of computing and IT courses is available to all library members. All you need is your library membership number and PIN
  2. Free Homework help - Your Tutor connects students with qualified tutors for live, one-on-one individual learning sessions via the internet
  3. Book into a technology classes.

Print from home

Print using your own laptop or computer from anywhere with internet access and collect at your chosen Our Library branch within 24 hours. There's no need to install any additional print software. All you need is your library membership number and PIN. Normal printing charges apply.

All submitted print jobs will be securely stored on our system for 24 hours or until you release it at the library branch you selected.

Note: You must bring your library card and PIN with you to the library to release the print jobs.

Only following file types are supported for web printing: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, PDF, XPS

10MB limit apply for all file types.

How do I submit a file for print?

  1. Save the document as a supported file type (see above for supported file types).
  2. Click on the link below and login using your library card number and PIN
  3. Select "Web Print" from the menu
  4. Click "Submit a Job"
  5. Select Black & White or Colour printer at your preferred library branch
  6. Enter the number of copies required
  7. Upload the saved document and wait for the status "Held in a Queue"
  8. Go to your selected library branch with your library card and pin to release the document within 24 hours