We have a great range of eAudiobooks you can listen to on your PC, MAC, Tablet or smart phone anytime, anywhere for library members.

Our eAudiobook collection will offer you instant access to your favourite authors. Fall in love, solve a murder, crack that code or travel the world – all while you run a marathon, do the housework, go fishing, travel to work or walk the dog. 

With over 7,000 titles to select from, BorrowBox offers an extensive range of new release eAudiobook titles, including a wealth of Australian content to choose from.

uLIBRARY combines great literature with expert narrators in a limited range of eAudiobook titles only available from uLibrary.  All uLibrary titles are available now, with no waiting to download and listen. 

  • Our eAudiobook loan period is 3 weeks, then you can renew the eAudiobook or it is automatically returned.
  • If an eAudiobook is on loan, you can reserve a place in line. You will receive an email when the book is ready for you to listen to.

Find eAudiobooks on BorrowBox now Find eAudiobooks on uLIBRARY now 

Borrowbox how to borrow an eAudiobook using an mobile phone or tablet


1. Download the Borrow Box app on your mobile phone or tablet.
2. Open the app and search for "Mornington Peninsula Library Service"
3. Enter your library card number and PIN - if you're unsure of your PIN, contact your nearest library branch.
4. Browse or search for eAudiobooks. Click borrow for the title you which to listen to. If the item is on loan click reserve and you will receive an email notification when it's available for you to listen. 

Borrowbox how to borrow an eAudiobook using a PC or MAC

1. Go to Borrow Box.
2. Search for eAudiobooks.
3. Click borrow on the title you want to listen to.
4. Click Confirm eAudiobook Loan.
5. After confirming your loan your title will be available for download immediately either from your web browser or BorrowBox mobile app.
6. To listen to later you can import your eAudiobook downloads to iTunes or Windows Media Player on your home computer and transfer them to your favourite MP3 player.
7. Choose download the complete eAudiobook instantly or in parts.
8. Locate your downloaded eAudiobook folder, PC users right click and select Extract All, then follow the prompts to finish unzipping, MAC users Locate your eAudiobook folder, then double click to unzip.
9. Listen to eAudiobook:
PC iTunes: Open iTunes, drag and drop the unzipped eAudiobook folder into Music, then listen or sync with your iPod or iPhone.
Windows Media Player: Open Windows Media Player, select Music, drag and drop the unzipped eAudiobook folder into main window, then listen or sync with your portable media device.
Portable Media Device (without software): Connect and open your portable media device, then drag and drop the unzipped eAudiobook folder into device.
MAC iTunes: Open iTunes, drag and drop unzipped eAudiobook folder into Music, then listen or sync with your iPod or iPhone.
Portable Media Device: Connect and open your portable media device, then drag and drop the unzipped eAudiobook folder into device.


Your downloaded eAudiobook folder will be located where you have set your internet browser to download to (e.g. Downloads, Desktop, etc).
For Mac users, we recommend using Safari as your internet browser as unzipping occurs automatically.
For those Mac users running the latest Mac OS, depending on your settings the eAudiobook may automatically populate into iTunes also.

How to get started with uLIBRARY

  1. Open https://mpls.ulverscroftulibrary.com/account/login
  2. Enter your library barcode number and PIN
  3. Select Browse to search for a book by genre, or use the magnifying glass to find a title or author
  4. Select Borrow to loan
  5. Select Listen to begin the book
  6. The Play button4 starts the recording and II  pauses play
  7. My Account lists your loans and the expiry date

uLIBRARY video tutorial

Need help getting started with uLIBRARY go to the  How It Works page on the uLIBRARY website to find helpful videos on topics such as using the app, searching uLIBRARY and borrowing Audiobooks on uLIBRARY.

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